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Pecan Pie (worlds best)

Congratulations, you have found the secret "Easter egg" hidden on this website, which contains a world-famous recipe for our family's Pecan Pie.  We hope you enjoy it every bit as much as we have, and we have enjoyed it beyond what words will express.  Cheers!

Because of popularity, here is the recipe re-typed for clarity:

1 Cup of shelled pecans

3 eggs

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 cup of Karo light corn syrup

1 tablespoon of flour

1 cup of sugar

3 tablespoons of margarine, melted.  Note: we prefer real butter, salted.
Pie crust (handmade or store bought)

Pie dish for baking


Beat eggs, stir in Karo, vanilla and melted butter.

Mix flour and sugar in separate bowl, then add to egg mixture.

Prepare the pie dish with crust.  NOTE: Some people prefer to apply cooking spray, Crisco or some other method of "greasing" the pie dish to prevent the pie crust from sticking.  We have tried it both ways and fid that a very minor amount of Crisco works best.

Arrange pecans in pie shell.  We prefer two layers of pecans.

Very carefully, slowly pour batter/filling over pecans.  Pouring slowly is the trick to a beautiful finished product.

If pecans begin to move out of position, you are pouring too fast.

Pecans will rise to the top with a glazed look.

Bake at 350 until set.   

Note: Bake time can vary from 45 mins to one hour, give or take ten minutes.  Pie should have very, very little jiggle when removed from the oven.   

When removed, center of pie can have a hump, but this will settle flat during cooling.  Colors will darken as the pie cools.



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